Interpersonal Conflict Resolution

A paper discussing the interdependent relationship between interpersonal conflict resolution and effective communication, with reference to Grensing-Pophal’s ‘effective listening’ techniques.

The following paper examines why conflict resolution is vital in relationships, whether they be marriage partnerships, friendships or work relations. Issues such as taking a dialectic perspective, jealousy management, instability, detachment and preconceived notions are dealt with. The writer makes reference to several case studies of married couples in order to support the argument.
The chances of having problems between persons are great. Interpersonal conflict management and communication skills are necessity. They can be applied to any situation of interpersonal conflict that occurs between two or more persons. Those persons can be spouses, co-workers, or even victim and perpetrator. In order to resolve problems, interpersonal conflict resolution and communication skills must be adhered to.According to Boisvert, et al (1995), a study was done in Quebec concerning marital conflict. The respondents were from 18 to 25 years old (33). “Results show that communication problems were perceived as particularly frequent and damaging for couples” (33).