Internet Security

An examination of the security issues involved in establishing an e-business.

This paper explains the differences between the security considerations involved in a regular company and a virtual company. The writer provides a history of the WWW and e-commerce and looks at the options of security technologies available to protect a business.
“What is enough security? No matter how many devices are deployed across a network there will never be enough security to ensure a business is 100 percent secure. A combination of technology, knowledge and education will provide layers of security to ensure as much protection as possible is achieved (Catalno, 2001, p.218). The only way to protect a business from the Internet is not to be connected to it at all. This is not feasible in today’s market, so the best to approach security is in a practicable, methodical and realistic way. The e-commerce owner should never make assumptions about hackers and viruses, but base a solid security policy on fact and knowledge and ensure it fits into the strategy of a business and has a realistic and working practice.”