Internet and the World Wide Web

This paper is about the history of the Internet and its developments.

This paper discusses the history of the internet and the more recent global network known as the World Wide Web. The author provides specific dates and important events in the founding of the Internet. A detailed look into how the internet came to be what it is today.
“The internet is one of the most ingenious and fascinating inventions of the past century. It made communication truly global in the sense that people from across the world could talk and exchange messages easily and in hardly any time at all. Now our entire lives are stored in the vague whereabouts of server and hosting computers that make up the internet. Even though the internet really took off during my life-time, I cannot put a certain date on when it did. To many of us the beginnings are somewhat uncertain. That is why I chose this topic for my research paper. I wanted to get a better understanding of why and how the internet came to be. In the next couple pages, I will discover the history behind the internet and World Wide Web.”