Individuality and Conformity

This paper analyzes the play, “Rhinoceros”, by Eugene Ionesco.

The paper focuses on the theme of individuality vs. conformity and how it applies in today’s world. Throughout history, individuals have felt torn between conforming to established tradition and social mores and showing their individuality by rising up against conformity and tradition. The paper explains that, in Rhinoceros, Ionesco illustrates what can happen to a society that is so eager to conform; it cannot see a balance between the individual and the whole. It discusses how, today, there is more acceptance of individuality in some areas, but in many, conformity is still the rule of the day, and individuality is seen as frightening and even unnatural.
Conformity is based on the thought that one must fulfill one’s duty before anything else at all costs, while individuality is based on the good of the one ultimately affecting the good of the many. Individuality is also based on the ability to think for oneself, rather than following the conventions of the masses in an effort to conform to societal mores and pressures. Throughout history, those who have continually created the best and most lasting results have been those who are not afraid to stand up for what they believe in, rather than conforming to tradition and societal pressures.”