In the third chapter

In the third chapter, Loewens has described the false notion that has been conveyed by the American textbooks. Loewen in this chapter has said that America did not settle in 1620, as most think when the English pilgrims landed in North America. The American natives had been living there for thousands of years and Thanksgiving is merely a creation myth. The students, however, are taught how the generous Americans have helped out a minority i.e. the native Indians. But the pilgrims did not introduce the natives to the festivities; in fact, the natives had been celebrating autumn harvest for centuries.
Moreover, the textbook authors have altogether excluded the truth that the Europeans brought diseases to the continent and a large number of native people died because of their contact with those diseases. The decrease in Native Americans population helped the pilgrims to take over the lands of natives without any resistance. Many historians are of the view that the population reduction and the massacres have originated the Thanksgiving celebrations. After reading the content of this chapter, I would say that by omitting these facts from the textbooks, the authors have tried to hide the atrocities and genocide being done in America.