In Our Time

A review of Ernest Hemingway’s short story collection, In Our Time, focusing on the character, Nick Adams.

This paper discusses the collection of short stories, In Our Time, by Ernest Hemingway. The paper provides a brief background on the life of Hemingway. The central character in all of the stories, Nick Adams, is described in relation to the stories. The paper offers the idea that Hemingway uses the character of Adams to portray aspects of himself.
Ernest Hemingway is known both for his novels and his short stories, and his earliest short story collection was In Our Time in 1925. In literature, writers develop new structures as a way of casting a new light on such accepted elements as character, setting, and plot. Much of modernist fiction places an increased demand on the reader. Ernest Hemingway gives the illusion of moving in the other direction by simplifying language to the point where it seems ascetic, but in truth his language is complex in its way, building meaning into every word and the placement of every word much like poetry.