In literacy there are three main areas of language

In literacy there are three main areas of language, speaking, listening, reading and writing. These all there to help the children to develop in literacy. The targets and goals of literacy are to develop the children’s abilities to listen, speak, read, and write for. This enables children to express themselves creatively and imaginatively. The target of the Primary Framework for literacy is to support and increase all children’s access to amazing teaching, leading to successful learning and to help the children make good progress of which they are capable. In my class, we have targets for writing, reading, speaking and listening within our English and Literacy Policy. They are:
Speaking and listening
to develop confident speakers without mistakes
to develop thoughtful and sensitive listeners
To develop an ability to read, understand, and respond to all types of writing and letters as well as the development of information for help in studying later on in school life. To hear stories told, read aloud or in you head. To experience a range of fiction and non-fiction stories.To encourage parents to actively share in reading activities.
To give children encouragement in their ability as independent writers. To give children opportunities to write for a variety of purposes and audiences like putting their work on a board in the school so other children can see it and be inspired by it. To encourage children to acquire a range of writing skills so they can write their own stories or write their life story.