In Favor of Stem Cell Research

A discussion about reasons stem cell research is beneficial to mankind and why stem cell research deserves and needs federal funding.

This paper examines how embryonic stem cells are on the cutting edge of modern science and how they have become a controversial issue. It looks at how the ongoing debate over federal funding for research in this field has highlighted many of the ethical problems involved. The author puts forward a pro-stem cell argument by providing three fundamental reasons why research must continue together with government support and funding.

The Scientific and Medical Potential of Stem Cells
A Humanitarian Approach to a Controversial Issue
A Third Reason for Support
The Argument
“There are many reasons that the government should financially support stem cell reason. Most importantly, the lack of federal funding places scientific research in the hands of privately funded projects. This research is far too important and too new to be left to private researchers. Because researchers are required to share data when their work is federally funded, public support of stem cells is of vital importance (Wildmoon, 2001). All stakeholders, including scientists, researchers, ethicists, and investors should be kept up-to-date on stem cell projects. This would be a reality if more federal funding was available.”