Immigration Of Eastern Jews To The U.S.

This paper discusses the history, acculturation and experiences of Eastern European Jews who immigrated to the U.S.

The year 1880 marked the beginning of the third period of Jewish immigration to the United States. What began as a trickle became a virtual flood, whose headwaters were located in the countries of Eastern Europe. From 1987-1910 alone 449,000 Jews emigrated from Poland to start a new life in America.

Coming to America became a great drama of redemption for East European Jewish masses. After the Partition of Poland in 1793, part of the country came under Russian czarist rule; Catherine the Great was none too happy to receive these Jewish wards.

Russian policy was pervaded by very discriminatory patterns; the Jews were tightly circumscribed inside the Pale (the area that was formerly Polish territory), which moved the ….