Immigration Effect on America

A look at the impact of immigration on American society. This paper is on immigration in America.

This paper is on immigration in America. The author looks at the effects of immigration on America such as the mix of race, religion and nationality and examines the possible effects of closing immigration.
“Without immigration the United States would not exist today. Our country was founded by immigrants, shaped by immigrants, and has been made the greatest country in the world thanks in large part to immigrants. How can we even consider closing the doors of immigration? The United States is a beautiful mosaic of races, religions, and nationalities. Immigrants have made our country unique from all others. In no other place on earth can you speak with any accent, be any color, or have any belief and know that you have the same opportunities and rights as everyone else. America has been described as a melting pot of cultures and ideas and for this we should be thankful. Immigrants have contributed so much to our country. The United States must keep its immigration doors open, and to all people.”