Immigrant Education

Looking at the problems facing the educational authorities in educating immigrant children.

This paper presents a literature review regarding immigrant elementary school students and the techniques that are being used to educate them. The writer provides a critical review of published literature regarding the topic. It focuses on difficulties being faced by the education departments in educating children who are not native English speakers and how the systems which are currently being used are not working.
“As the world continues to globalize it is becoming more important than ever to establish standard methods of teaching the immigrant elementary school students in this country. The non-English speaking students that live in America are struggling with two issues. They are trying to learn the basics, such as reading, writing, and math and build concept after concept to prepare them for higher level learning in later grades. While they are doing this they are also trying to grasp the English language. The educational system is charged with the education of all its students, regardless of their primary language. Throughout the system there has been examination of the situation and many studies and articles have been published regarding the best way to educate these students.”