Human Condition Mankind has developed a tendency of labeling

Human Condition
Mankind has developed a tendency of labeling, whatever they see fit, as good or bad. Even as babies, infants would seek revenge on puppets that did not enjoy the same cereal treat as they did, proving how people have a natural instinct to dislike anything that is not like them. This mindset is how the average person decides on what is morally justifiable. Now, this does not mean that man is inherently evil, but it might provide the simplest explanation as to what causes the evil in the first place. The most explicit example of this psychology could be of Piggy, from,” The Lord of the Flies” written by William Golding, on the island with the boys. The boys would constantly tease and exclude Piggy from their groups, and would even talk about how much they hated him, due to his disliking of physical activity and his,”ass-mar”. The six to twelve-year-old boys went as far as crushing him under a boulder while he was blind and helpless. All just because he was different from them. Another example could be Zaroff in,” The Most Dangerous Game” by Richard Connel. He is able to completely detach himself from the idea of murder by thinking of his victims as different or inferior just because they were not like him. When looking at a situation from an outside view it’s easier to tell which choice fit’s society’s status of right or wrong but once in the position yourself it is nearly impossible to say. Although mankind is notorious for making many mistakes it does not make them inherently evil since the majority of the time humans will look back on their actions and regret them.