Human Activities May Affect Ecosystems

A discussion on the affect of human behavior on earth and her resources, focusing on issues such as global warming and fossil fuels.

The following paper examines how fossil fuels affect climate and contribute to global warming as well as the way in which acid rain and oil spills affect local wildlife. The writer also discusses the effects of mining waste, farming and pharmaceutical waste.
“Fossil fuels have become a major factor in our lives, they are used to power cars, ships, aircraft’s and entire economies but at an ecological price. From the combustion of fossil fuels is water and carbon dioxides. This the major waste gases. Others include nitrous oxides, carbon monoxides and sulfur oxides. These contribute vastly to global warming. When the sun radiates electromagnetic radiation through our atmosphere it hits the earth and then the earth reflect this back in the form of longer wavelengths as infra red radiation. ”