How to Say No and Survive

This paper is a very humorous and creative, laugh-out-loud, short story about “What-I-said/what-I-wish-I’d-said.

This story presents a common slice of life that can be projected to other situations. The author is waiting for the light to change and next to her is a religious zealot type. The story is fast-paced and written in narration which you can hear in your head. And while the author is going through the narration /*the light changes red again!
My friend Nancy would have crossed against the light. And if that didn’t work, she would snort and start speaking Greek in her Exorcist voice. Rachel would shout “Rape!” at the top of her lungs. John would say “Oh! there’s the bat-signal! and take off running, but no, not me. My mother had to teach me manners. While the other kids just said No to Drugs, I had to say No Thank You.”