Hospitalization and Children

Examines the effect of hospitalization from infancy to adolescence.

A significant difference exists between the effects of acute care and long-term child hospitalization programs for treating children. A 1992 survey conducted by the American Association for Partial Hospitalization investigated the effects of hospitalization on children of varying ages, and found that long-term care often impacted children much more than short-term hospitalization. This paper shows that children?s needs vary from infancy through adolescence, and it explores their individual needs as a result of hospitalization.
“Adolescence in and of itself is a critical and stressful developmental process for young adults (Cincinnati, 2003). Long term hospitalization and chronic illness in adolescence can result in intensified worries regarding physical appearance and well being, and can interfere with young adults? perceived abilities to gain independence (Cincinnati, 2003). Adolescents who are hospitalized for long periods of time also experience disrupted peer relationships (Cincinnati, 2003).”