Home School vs. Public School

An opinion paper that states reasons why home-schooling is a better option for one’s children.

This paper presents arguments on both sides for and against home-schooling. It explains the benefits of parents being the main educators for their children, but also cites reasons, such as social development of the children, being affected. The paper concludes, however, that home-schooling could be the best option for specific people and that the system produces well-balanced children. Includes a thorough annotated bibliography and many sources attached at the end of the paper.
Each year more and more home schoolers are rising to the top of their fields and are being regarded as choice recruits for major colleges and universities across the country. Studies have proven that overall home educated children are more mature, well-balanced, and more confident than children educated in the public school system. What appears to be crucial to their success is the one-on-one relationship with the parent-teacher and the opportunity to learn as they are ready.