History of the Colt Revolver

A history of the colt revolver, as well as a short biography of Samuel Colt.

This paper examines the gun that ‘won the west’. The author looks at the history of the gun as well as the importance the gun played over the years. He also looks at the influences the gun had on later models as well as those manufactured today.
“The Colt revolver is often called “the handgun that won the west”, and for good reason. Revolvers leading up to Colt’s invention were bulky and not very reliable. Up to this point, revolvers tended to work on the same principles that the musket had worked on, which was the one-shot/reload formula. Some multi-firing guns had been made, such as the repeating pistol, the German four-barreled revolver, and pistols based on Collier’s revolving system. However, Colt’s method for a six-shot revolver provided both ease and efficiency, and its effects are still very prominent in the guns of today.”