History of Marriage and Divorce

A history of marriage and divorce from the Middle Ages to the present.

This paper covers the entire history of marriage as it evolved throughout time including social, political, religious changes and looks at how even though marriages in the Middle Ages may have many contrasts with the marriages of today, the concept is basically the same. It parallels these changes in marriage with emergence and evolution of divorce. It examines attitudes towards marriage in the U.S. today together with statistics and shows how even though married people are healthier, happier, and live longer, the trend towards marrying is decreasing.
“Marriage has been a concept practiced since the beginning of humanity, and its basic principles have remained in tact throughout time. Basically, marriage is a “universal institution whereby men and women are joined in a special kind of dependence for the purpose of founding a family (“Marriage” 149).” Marriage is also society’s way of ensuring offspring and the care for children, the granting of property rights after one’s death, and a valuable social check against promiscuity (“History of Marriage”). Over time, however, law, rule, customs, beliefs, and attitudes of people have regulated marriage in every time period. This has caused drastic changes in its role in society and in shaping the lives of people (“Marriage” 150).”