Heronsbridge School comply with health

Heronsbridge School comply with health, safety, and risk management requirements by creating personal written policies. These policies are located on the school network and are accessible by all members of staff. There is a hard copy of each policy available in the school office. Each policy is revised annually to ensure its validity. Each policy relates to health and safety regulations and practice for use within the school premises. At Heronsbridge School there is a designated member of staff who is selected to ensure policies are up to date and has a duty of care to ensure that all staff have adequate training to understand and implement policies effectively. There is also a member of staff who is responsible for ensuring that risk assessments are completed correctly and are agreed on time.
Policies are written and implemented after assessments are made regarding the need of an identified health and safety requirement. There are numerous policies that interlink with one another, but they also stand alone. There are countless effective policies that help eradicate injuries and illnesses and each policy has a specific purpose.

Some examples of what policies are designed for;

The safe use of equipment Reducing hazards Fire evacuation procedures First aid
Ergonomics COSHH regulations Manual handling Training
Safeguarding Management reviews Wellbeing Washroom/sanitary facilities
Break entitlements Hydration RIDDOR Physical/ emotional support
Holiday entitlement
Special leave Whistleblowing Confidentiality
Equality and Inclusion Behaviour management Safety Transition

Many of the above examples are very important to the wellbeing, safety, and management of health risks in a school environment. Bridgend council have a duty of care to ensure that all members of staff have an up to date enhanced disclosure and all staff must complete online training in a specific period. All staff are made to wear identity badges at all times which displays a full name and photograph. Each door is secured with either a keypad or a fob system to ensure the safety of all vulnerable pupils. There are fire extinguishers placed in all departments in all the necessary places and evacuation procedures are also displayed. Also presented around the school are pictures of staff responsible for safeguarding. The school has its own nurses station to ensure that all medical needs are dealt with immediately. Each term there is a practiced fire evacuation in order to keep the pupils and staff familiar with the procedures.

Policies, procedures, and practices meet health, safety, and risk management requirements at Heronsbridge School, and it has had a considerable effect on and certainly controlled the improvements and practices within the school setting. It has allowed for more effective training and is continuing to produce better outcomes.
The HSE stated that 26.4 million working days were lost IN 2010/11 due to work-related illness/injury which had resulted in considerable consequences on home/work life. *The Health and Safety at Work Act was successfully shaped to raise awareness of health and safety issues between employers and workers. Even though many have suggested that there has been slight focus on health and more stress on safety.
Although this may be of little consolation to people who have lost family members, friends, and colleagues, it cannot be denied that Britain has steadily documented some of the lowest levels of work injuries and fatalities in the world in recent years.
Regardless to criticism, the health and safety executives continue to study the success of relevant legislations by consulting with numerous industry advisory committees to progress its policies and by advising the government on health and safety.