Henry Moore

An introduction to the sculpture of artist Henry Moore, his art style and the events that affected his work.

The paper discusses Henry Moore, an influential English abstract sculptor, who lived from 1898 to 1986. The paper presents his family and educational background that helped form and mold his art. The author feels that Moore’s prime concern was the material; he loved working in stone and used it almost exclusively in his work.
Moore’s artistic talent was discovered early when an art teacher took interest in his work while he was still in secondary school. His family did not encourage him in his artistic pursuits; and so he began his career as a teacher and then went into the army. In 1919, he received a grant to study for two years at the Leeds School of Art. Here he discovered a book by Roger Fry called Vision and Design, which changed forever the way he looked at art. Fry’s book showed him less traditional forms of art such as Mexican sculpture and Negro art.