Love and Gatsby

Rosario Terracina August 20th The Great Gatsby Essay The way an author concludes a story can be key in the success of the novel. Whether the ending is satisfying or not, it needs to be conclusive. The reader should be able to answer and adjust to a novel’s uncertainties. The conclusion to The Great Gatsby could be see as one of the most well-designed in American Literature. Fitzgerald’s ability to wrap his novel up with only a few sentences that leave the reader in awe but still lifted from all confusion.

The Great Gatsby concludes so that the themes of the novel are in entirely understood. Fitzgerald’s approach to retouch on the themes throughout the novel: hope, love, and the burden of the past in the conclusion refreshes the reader’s mind allowing him/her to comprehend the overall message of the novel. Fitzgerald captures the overall notion of The Great Gatsby with the simple scheme of the final phrases with the use of the green light on the end of Daisy’s dock. To you and me a green light is no more then just a light, but to Gatsby it’s much more.

The light first appeared when Gatsby started across the bay towards that light at the end of the dock. The green light signifies hope that motivates Gatsby to chase his love, Daisy. “Gatsby believed in the green light” (180) this quote shows how desperate Gatsby is to win back his love. This conclusion shows that Gatsby was no more that a dedication to chasing a lost love. For this it is ironic that Fitzgerald named the novel “The Great Gatsby” since Gatsby was no more then a failure in settling down with Daisy.

How can Gatsby be considered “great” when the one thing he pleased will never be his? Well Fitzgerald did not accomplish settling down with Daisy, but still he could be seen as a success as he held on to his hope and followed through until the end. All this hope was driven by one thing, his love of Daisy. Love, an important theme in The Great Gatsby, in Gatsby situation was also completely definite by the end of the novel. Fitzgerald used the power of love to show how it can take over a man and cause a death more painful then any disease. To understand how love onquered Gatsby we have to understand his desires. Gatsby, filled with wealth and lust, had all the money he needed and wished for no more. So if he was so wealthy, what did he want? What Gatsby wanted couldn’t be bought with money. Love, love is his only desire. “it grew upon me that I was responsible, because no one else was interested” (164) we can see that Gatsby was lonely and blamed himself for it. Gatsby was enriched with lust, but still stood alone with no companion to share it with. Gatsby answer to this is revealed in the conclusion.

Love is concluded to be just a mere dream that drove men to fight and caused the deaths of Gatsby, Myrtle, and George. Gatsby was in love with Daisy, but not for who she is, but who she was. It its obvious that Gatsby is stuck in the past, loving the memory of Daisy. The burden of the past is a reoccurring them in The Great Gatsby. Through The Great Gatsby Fitzgerald portrays how humans can be dragged into the past due to obsessive memories. Gatsby was clearly in love with Daisy’s past. Gatsby’s obsession caused him to be in a hostile situation.

When Gatsby, Tom, Daisy, Jordan, and Nick all gather at the Biltmore Hotel, Tom and Gatsby get into a furious dispute. During this fight tom reveals information that exploits Gatsby’s illegal life. Only because Gatsby was in love Daisy’s past, he was put in a situation where his wrong doings in the past were exposed. This also causes daisy to question how much Gatsby was truly hiding. Dwelling on the past only allowed Gatsby to be deeper in despair. “so we beat on…borne back ceaselessly into the past” (180) this concludes how Gatsby’s choice of following in love with his past has left him further crippled in gloom.

Fitzgerald’s appropriately concluded his novel The Great Gatsby by answer all ambiguity and wrapping up the themes of the novel. Hope, a major theme, drove Gatsby to seek what he loved. Although he failed it is the fact that he pursed what he sought till his death. Even with all his wealth, Gatsby sought out more. He was lonely and wanted some one to share his wealth with. But what Gatsby really loved was his pass. He was so caught up in memories that he only took steps back. Hope, love, and obsession if the past are three major themes that Gatsby fought through but desolately lost. Through Gatsby Fitzgerald portrays how

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