Heaven and Hell in Islam and Catholicism

A contrast and comparison between heaven and hell according to the Islamic religion and the Catholic/Christian religion.

All of faiths have a belief about what happens to your body and soul after death. This paper explores the seven different levels of heaven and the seven different levels of hell that Muslims believe in, as well as the heaven and hell that Catholic-Christians believe in. Similarities and differences in the different beliefs are brought out, and all facts are supported by the Bible, Qur’an, and/or primary sources from the religions.
One of the most central things in any religion is what happens to somebody when they die. Some religions believe that nothing happens, others that the dead person’s soul is reincarnated, but most, including Islam, believe that dead souls are sent to Heaven or to Hell. Muslims believe in a physical Heaven which Allah created, as well as a physical Hell, also the creation of Allah. Heaven is located in the skies above the earth, and Hell is located underneath this earth. To better understand where one goes after their death, it is important to understand the Islamic teachings of Heaven and Hell and compare them to the Catholic teachings of Heaven and Hell found in the Bible.