Health Problems in Hypertension

This paper discusses the different problems and illness that are found among people suffering from hypertension.

This paper examines the different ways that the human body is affected by hypertension, or high blood pressure, as it is commonly referred to in the lay community. The author defines both high and low blood pressure and presents some of the problems associated with both of these diseases. The paper then continues to discuss some of the different causes of hypertension including a high sodium intake, hormonal imbalances, obesity, improper diet and an unhealthy lifestyle. These different factors are addressed in detail and presented alongside a list of the different symptoms that someone suffering from hypertension may have in order to further educate the reader about this sometimes silent killer. The drug and non-drug treatments currently available to hypertension patients are covered in detail. These include drug options that are currently available as well as weight management tips, the benefits of stopping to smoke and drink and the removal of stress from one’s life.
Obesity is also a primary factor for hypertension to happen. In fact, most of hypertension cases and health problems have something to do with obesity, which often results to improper diet and unhealthy lifestyle, factors that also contribute to hypertension. The fats that goes unburned in out bodies often disturb the body’s system by clogging the passageway of the blood in the human body; when this happens, the strain the arteries happens again, making the pressure to pump blood to and fro the whole body system is needed, which results to hypertension. Eating fatty, salty, and oily foods are reflections of an improper diet, and causes obesity. In addition, eating unhealthy food paired with and unexercised body often results to too much fat in the body, causing again, hypertension. However, there are also cases wherein the occurrence of hypertension may not be due to the factors given, and its occurrence may still be unknown or unexplainable.