Health Care Managers and Health Care Delivery

Examines the relationship that exists between health care players, how they perform their duties, and how they join their forces in health care delivery.

This paper examines and provides information on the roles and responsibilities that health care managers are tasked to accomplish in today’s health care systems. Moreover, this paper examines how a health care manager’s job as a leader who ensures a smooth and organized management and operation of health organizations, influences his/her perspective on health care professions. The paper emphasizes the importance of understanding how health care managers perceive their duties in health care service.
“The basic role every manager must be able to render is the task of providing good human relations to everyone at work. Through this role, the objective of accomplishing jobs in an environment where good work relationship is maintained can be made possible. In the field of health care, health care managers must have the ability to perform this basic responsibility. A health care manager should be a specialist in managing the condition of the health care staffs. Though this duty may be perceived as a simple task, it is critical that a good human resource management be delivered to a health organization to ease the stress and pressure that health care providers, such as the doctors and nurses, experience from their duties.”