Health Care in the United States

Examines initiatives by the U.S. government to provide cheaper health care to all its citizens.

The citizens of the United States benefit from the latest technologies in medical treatments and a comprehensive health care system. Providing excellent health care at the most affordable price has been the motto of every government that has functioned in America. The paper shows that the current Republican government has also taken considerable measures, and new policies have been implemented to bring down the surging Medicare costs and to provide quality health care for everyone in the nation. The paper shows, however, that the government is also faced with a growing problem. America not only has the best health care facilities in the world, but also has one of the largest, growing populations of aged people. The increasing litigation and the rising Medicare costs have necessitated new plans by the government. This paper examines the problem in detail and looks into the measures adopted by the government in response to the growing demand for cost effective health care.
“It is not infrequently that we see health insurance companies denying patients the right to have particular treatments, citing that they are “medically unnecessary” or out of insurance coverage. The new bill has ensured that care seekers are not at the mercy of the insurance companies when it comes to choosing the type of treatment. In other words the initiative taken by the government in the form of the new bill has cleared most of the administrative roadblocks and made the health insurance plans more transparent and friendly to the patients. [Mike Enzi]”