Compare and contrast the California and US federal judicial systems in as many ways as you can.


There are two kinds of court in this country. The two courts are state and federal. In this essay I? will be briefing you on the things that they have in common and the things they don’t have in common such as behavior in the court and the way they handle the state court room.

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In the United States of America the California State courts have broad jurisdiction. Which a lot of state courts are mainly defined by jurisdiction, they have to hear all cases besides the cases that are again the United States. In the cases heard in state court are usually state level crimes. For example thing such as violation of state law,robbery, assault many drug related crimes, real estate cases, personal injury cases, divorces, custody, heritance, traffic and juvenile cases, copyright, and drunk driving defenses. When state cases get big enough and get out of the local area which rarely even happens but when it does it is most likely because of the party involved such as O.J. Simpson case which was followed closely and broadcasted for the whole country to see. In my opinion state courts have more one on one contact with the people because they deal with 29,000,000 more cases than the federal system has to deal with which is a big margin between each other. Just as the federal court make their own laws state courts make their own laws which retains power and make sure that the national government does not become too strong to overpower the states. California State court is way less formal than federal courts. For example you can talk amongst each other when and to prosecutors while the court session is still going on. State cases are usually investigated by the local police department or the local sheriff department and the cases are prosecuted usually by a district attorney. State courts are less intimidating to defendants so they can be relaxed and comfortable even when you are facing serious consequences which is freaking crazy.

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Obviously federal court system as were federal crimes are heard. Federal court is mainly defined by jurisdiction. The federal also is more important in my opinion because they defend most basic right such as freedom of speech and right to bare arms. The federal court is much more strict for example you cannot talk to the judge at all during court or discuss anything with anyone. You are expected to carry yourself in a professional manner at all times. Federal cases are investigated by federal agencies, such as the FBI, ATF, DEA, and the federal prosecutors. The Federal court utilizes sentencings with a chart when imposing sentences on those convicted of a crime. The federal court deals with about 1 million cases a year which is 29,000,000 cases less than the state court. That is way below as many cases that the state court has to here annually. The federal court is established in the US Constitution to decide disputes involving laws passed by congress. Everything is uptight and strict with everything they do which differs from the California State Court System.

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There are similarities between the state and the federal courts are established in 7 different levels. The courts try similar cases and have but have different responsiblities. All courts may cover cases that deal with murder, kidnapping cases, theft and all the bad stuff you can do you just but it really depends on the circumstances and jursdiction. The US constitution serves as a foundation for both of these courts. Another thing they have a like is the Due Process. The due process is the routine that police, prosecutors, and the defendant must adhere to for pursuing court action. Due process guarantees both federal and state defendants the right to a trial. Defendants must be told of thee rights when taken into custody and allowed full access to a lawyer. The due process also tells us how federal and state law enforcement authorities get togwther evidence, interview witnesses and make arrest on the person that supposedly did the crime