Golden Calf

Analyzes historical & religious significance of story of creation of Jewish idol from Exodus 32.

The biblical account of the episode of the Golden Calf in Exodus 32 is a poignant illustration of Israel’s breaking its covenant with God, a glimpse of the breadth of God’s wrath (which would have resulted in the destruction of the people), Moses’ intercession on behalf of the nation, and a reconciliation of God’s chosen people with Him. It is but one of many biblical incidents which demonstrate the continuing presence of Adam’s sin in the lives of God’s people and how that sin seeks to separate man from God, and it is further proof that God remains faithful to His covenant with Abraham to confer a special privilege upon the Hebrew people among all others whom He has created.

In constructing this paper, which will recount the story of the Golden Calf, examine the sin associated with its molding, and review the effects which were felt by Moses and the people, it…