Globalizing the South

How globalization, which is centered in North America, is impacting the southern continent.

This paper presents a detailed examination of the ways that globalization is affecting the nations of South America. The writer focuses on the environmental issues and how globalizing is affecting them as well as the issue of the Indians that are being displaced and culturally challenged through the process of globalization.
“The last decade of globalization has seen the process kicked into high gear. With most of the land on the planet spoken for, and space no longer viewed as the last frontier the race is on to compete for power in the process of globalization. Technological as well as political advances have caused nations world wide to compete for the integration or blending of cultures, industry and people. For the most part globalization is viewed in a positive light with very few negative aspects. Technology has allowed people around the world to blend their talents in the effort to strengthen their business ties and abilities and in the end make the world a better place. There is one area however, that is being threatened in the race to globalize. The environmental issues of the South American nations are multiplying with each globalization victory.”