Global Expansionism

Explores the business trend of global expansionism and the need for companies to adapt to the trend, or face failure if they don’t.

This paper looks at the trend in the business world today, whereby businesses that do not adapt to a global mindset risk losing market share, momentum, and the ability to compete with digital businesses. The paper also looks at the many factors related to the process of entering the global marketplace, with the Internet cited as the major factor in this process.
Today, global expansionism is still a threat to the wellbeing of American companies, and thereby the wellbeing of Americans. However, today the threat arises not from the issuance of a dictator’s decree. Today’s businesses encounter the threat of global expansionism if they do not engage the opening marketplaces around the world, but do stay limited to traditional product and service delivery channels. When the internet arrived on the business horizon in the late 1990’s savvy internet consultants were known to say if your business is not operating on the internet, you will likely not remain in business. Today, less than a decade later, this sales pitch has become reality. Businesses which do not adapt a global mindset are loosing market share, loosing momentum, and slowly loosing the ability to compete at the new rate at which digital business competes.