George Washington was a great leader

George Washington was a great leader. He was very humbled and had a very big heart. He truly cared for every single one of his soldiers. The way he carried himself gave confidence to his troops. In 1775, he was named commander in chief of the Continental Army in the American uprising. In his first battle, he was able to box the British out of Boston, but later that year he was almost captured when he lost New York City. During every battle he rode in the front never in the back because he wanted to show his troops that they were all in this together.

Geography played an important part in the American Revolution. Americans, also known as Patriots knew the land very well. They had all their supplies close to them rather than the British. The British had to ship supplies over to America and it was very costly. Because the British lived far away from America, it took about a couple months for supplies to arrive. One disadvantage that the British had was that they didn’t know the land very well so it made it hard for them to figure out where to go.