Two experiments researching the makeup of genetics and fingerprints.

Lab report on fingerprints and genetics. The author describes two experiments conducted to test whether gender effects traits and to find out the composition of fingerprints. Included is a full discussion of the methods and materials used, the results and a discussion about the findings.
“In this lab, we had two purposes. The first was to find out what a traits a baby would have when genes are randomly thrown together. Our other purpose was to find out what type of fingerprints we have and compare them to the rest of the class. One question was whether gender had anything to do with what traits that a baby would receive. In the fingerprint experiment, our question was which type of fingerprint is most popular in the class. To find the answer to these questions, four sources were used. The first was a handout, which told us how to do the experiment. Second, Facts about Friedreich’s Ataxia told about the affect genetics has on inherited traits. Third, The Flint Journal was used to explain that fingerprint types are not equally represented in a population, and how this is useful. Last, the Laboratory Manual would show us the different types of fingerprints.”