General Nutrition Center

Provides a history and business information of a large retail business known as “General Nutrition Center”.

This paper provides a general overview of nutrition company, “General Nutrition Center” (GNC). The paper discusses the company’s history and describes its franchising structure and retail strategy. The paper also offers some criticisms of the company’s retail strategy, discusses legal problems faced by GNC, and looks at the uncertainty of its future.
“GNC is the largest and most established retail seller in a sports
supplementation and health food dietary products industry that is gradually approaching twenty billion in annual sales. It was founded in 1935 by David Shakarian, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Initially, he focused on healthful foods like yogurt, honey and grains, as well as sandwiches. Thirty years later, Shakarian had a handful of his “Lackzoom” stores when he changed the name to “General Nutrition
Center”. Shortly after that, GNC came out with its own line of vitamin products and food supplements. ( There are now almost six thousand privately owned GNC franchises throughout the United States, Puerto Rico and dozens of foreign markets.”