Gender Influence on Anger and Fear

This paper, written from a psychological perspective, compares the antecedents, behavioral signs and consequences of anger and fear between genders, with emphasis on how cultural conditioning can affect the expression of emotion.

This paper states that there is no doubt that gender has a significant impact on the emotions of anger and fear. The paper discusses many of the studies developed to measure possible gender-related differences in the experience and are inconclusive but do establish that many of the gender differences are due to social constraints and preconceived stereotypes. The paper illustrates that anger is an emotion largely associated with males and masculinity, whereas fear and emotions associated with loss of control are more frequently associated with females.
“Anger is a primary human emotion that has been the focus of many studies. Whilst many methods of varying success have been used to measure anger, including facial expression, physiological changes (e.g. heart rate) and self-reporting, it is widely agreed that men and women differ both in their experience and expression of anger. Anger is largely viewed as an unpleasant or negative emotion, yet is a necessary and useful tool in the communication of thoughts and feelings to others in order to bring about some sort of change.”