Gender in Corrections Field

Examines theories (social learning, gender role, symbolic interaction & stress) to explain why more men than women work as corrections officers.

This research examines the issue of women in the occupation of corrections officer. The objective of this research is to offer theoretical explanations for the disparity in numbers between female and male position holders in this occupation.

The labor participation rate in the United States is 61.5 percent (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 1995, pp. 55-91). For males, the participation rate is 72 percent, while for females, the participation rate is 51.8 percent. Women comprise 43.0 percent of the total American workforce; however, women represent only 15.3 percent of American corrections officers. Currently, a little more than 27,000 of the nation’s 180,000 corrections officers and 1,200 adult-prison wardens are women…