Gender Equality in Education

Discusses how the educational system is so built that it is almost impossible to wipe out gender inequality.

A paper outlining how there is still a gender gap in public education, regardless of the attempts by administrations to refute the claim. This paper explains how gender inequality is still rampant in our schools today. It shows that though many situations where boys are preferred over girls are unintentional, the fact remains that time has not caused us to become blind to gender in the classroom.
“Gender gaps in education “have in most cases been eliminated and, in others, have significantly decreased,” according to “Trends in Educational Equity of Girls and Women,” a report requested by Congress and released April 25, 2000 by the National Center for Education Studies. Girls appear to have fewer problems in early grades than boys do and consistently outperform boys in reading and writing, the report continues. The NCES states that young women continue to lag behind males in mathematics and science achievement in high school and are less likely to major in those fields in college. They also report that high school girls have higher educational goals than boys have and are more likely to enroll in college in the fall semester after graduating from high school. These females are then more likely to complete their bachelor’s degree within five years, compared to their male counterparts.”