Fundementals of Advertising

A look at how Pepsi utilizes integrated brand promotion techniques to reach its customers.

This paper examines how Pepsi uses integrative brand promoting in its advertisements and marketing. The paper specifically looks at how Pepsi advertises on Yahoo! and uses entertainers such as Britney Spears to make the difference in reaching the younger generation. Finally, the paper suggests another technique of using more than one Internet site in a marketing campaign.
“Pepsi recognized that Coke was for everyone, but Pepsi was designed for the “modern” generation. Pepsi has used the commercial radio with various programming, promotions, and advertisements since 1985 (Pepsi Network).
“Pepsi’s major competitor has been Coke. When two brands differ little from each other in taste or flavor, marketers will position them against each other in terms of ontological differences (Plato 1). Pepsi realized its position against Coke would be to reach the Now generation, because this position would reach the older generation as the now generation got older plus the future generations.
Coke focuses on the real thing or the past. Pepsi, on the other hand, claims the value, not of the past, but of the future, with its mystique of progress, science, and technology (Plato 1). Most of Pepsi’s ads were to reach the new generation such as choice of a new generation, for those who think young, and Generation Next (Plato 2).