Franz Kafka’s Metamorphosis

This paper discusses Franz Kafka’s Metamorphosis, which critiques the devastating nature of modern social systems, by analyzing the character Gregor’s psychology.

The following research is on the subject of Franz Kafka’s Metamorphosis. The central presence in Kafka’s Metamorphosis is Gregor Samsa, a character who lives entirely through an introspective view of life and the world. The story is a devastating critique of modern social systems and their relationship to them. Gregor lives within himself, and his outward physical change is somehow irrelevant to the mental view he takes of it. The story title has also been translated as The Transformation, and it is the transformed self of Gregor Samsa that is the true self, the self within. Kafka uses the insect Gregor becomes as a metaphor for the subservient life Gregor leads, little more than an insect crawling through the bureaucracy of the time.
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The introspective mind of the protagonist is more important to him than his outward appearance. The change that comes over …