France and Operation Iraqi Freedom

This paper takes France’s side as to why the country did not take part in Operation Iraqi Freedom.

This paper explains why France did not join in the war against Iraq. It discusses the economic reason for this decision, as well as France’s national objectives. The writer takes the opinion that the war was wrong in Iraq and explains why the U.S. really went to war.
“When Operation Iraqi Freedom began, the United States seemed to be at war with not just Iraq, but France too. But this was not a war fought on battlefields, instead a war over words and ideals. France believed that the U.S. had no part in stepping in against Iraq and their leader, Saddam Hussein. Realistically, the United States had no choice but to disregard the French people. In going to war in Iraq, the United States stepped up to a challenge that the French were unwilling to, but were the French right in going against actions in Iraq?”