Force and Brutality

A discussion of the ethical use of police force and brutality.

This paper examines how the use of force and brutality are on the minds of every police officer and police administrator every day and how both have to think about whether it is ethical to apply the amount of force necessary without it becoming police brutality. It explores how the law enforcement community has been challenged to formulate innovative systems and procedures to help guide an agency to accomplish its mission with minimal use-of-force and misconduct incidents. It discusses how implementation of proactive measures to identify and control these incidents will help chief executives to tactfully and diplomatically handle controversial uses of force as they occur.
“More and more cases are arising saying police used excessive force in their arrests. There is a definite need for use of force in law enforcement. However there is also a line where the use of force becomes excessive. From the position of a law enforcement officer, there are situations that become very hostile and dangerous. The officers are obligated to get those situations under control as fast as possible without bringing any harm to themselves, innocent bystanders or the arrestee. The absence of the use of force in any arrest is very limited. Without the use of force there would be some situations that could not be handled correctly and someone’s life may be in danger.”