For teachers

For teachers, it’s important whenever possible to provide opportunities for their learners to develop their English, mathematics, ICT and wider skills whenever possible. These skills are known as ‘functional skills’ and are very important for young people and adults to participate in life, learning and work. The development of functional skills is seen by the Government as essential to address employers’ concerns that young people and adults are not achieving a firm grounding in the basics.

These functional skills will help learners improve their personal skills, knowledge and understanding which will hopefully increase their career aspirations and to function effectively and independently from day to day both in life and work. They’re also a good learning tool for learners to engage confidently with others, to problem solve in familiar and unfamiliar situations and to help develop personally and professionally as positive citizens who can contribute to society.

The table below shows a range of opportunities that teachers can provide for the learners to develop their functional skills: