Food Borne Illnesses

Since the holidays have come and gone we have noticed that the Food borne illnesses have been going up. I am here to give you a few tips to help you understand, reduce, and make your lives a little healthier.
1. The first one is to understand that raw and uncooked food are the main reason why there is food borne illnesses. We must always use caution when we handle, prepare, and cook the raw food.
2. Next you want to make sure that you cook all the food to the proper temps. Eggs & Egg Dishes should be cooked until firm. Ground beef should be cooked to a min of 165. Ham should be cooked to a temp of at least 160. Roast beef can be cooked to a temp of 140. Poultry should be cooked to a temp of at least 140. When you cook to the right temps you will reduce the risk of the micro germs that can make you sick.
3. When you are cooking food make sure that you always wash your vegetables before consummation. This because they might have a pathogenic microbes from the soil thus making you sick.
4. Make sure when you are preparing the meals to cut meats on one cutting board, and vegetables on another. If you cannot do that then, please make sure that you wipe down the cutting board after each use. Make sure that you also clean the knife after each use.
5. If at any time during cooking you do have to touch the meats, or even raw vegetables please to always wash your hands. This will help on making sure that you do not transfer the germs or even microbes to the other food that is to be prepared.
6. Next you want to make sure that when the food is cooked you do not want to the food to be left out to long. If you leave the food out then you can risk the microbes to grow and breed. Thus also making you sick. Best rule of thumb is to make sure that things are put away in about an hour and half after getting done cooking.
7. Make sure you have all leftovers in the right containers and right temps in the refrigerator. Best way to buy or have a deep metal holder so that the temps can be constant.

If you follow the rules, and cook the meals to the right temps you will have healthy and wonderful meals to come in the future.