Flawed Heroism

An analysis of William Shakespeare’s play, Othello and the events which led to Othello’s downfall.

This paper provides an analysis of the play by Shakespeare, “Othello”. This paper analyzes the descent of the character Othello and critiques his actions along the way. Several excerpts from the play are used in order to solidify the paper’s arguments.
At the beginning of this Shakespearean tale we are introduced to what appears a flawless, untouchable hero. Though only a moor, Othello becomes a noble, unquestionable character praised for his efforts as a war hero of Cyprus. Ironically, his strongest virtue, pride, is also his prevalent flaw. Othello begins this story with immortal stature. Possessed of vanity, self-righteousness, and swift judgment on his fellow man, he falls victim to a maniacal nemesis who, through only lies, returns Othello back to mortality. As the play’s primary dynamic character, Othello finally realizes the demise of his immortal standing.