Flatliners (Religion in the Media)


Playing with life and death can be dangerous in mores way then just losing your life. This is what the medical students in the movie flat liners soon found out as they each underwent an experiment which let them see into life after death. The students included nelson, Joe, Dave Labracio, Rachel Manus and Randy Steckle .the movies explores the themes of near death experiences life after death and playing god. The movies also expresses a lot of catholic themes such as the sacrament of reconciliation, atonement they all successfully come back to life but they are not the only things brought back with them. The sins of passed wrong doing come back to haunt them

The movie opens with a shot of Nelson, saying, “Today is a good day to die.” Nelson is a medical tudent who want to find out if there really is life after death.Nelson believees that ???religion has failed, philosophy has failed and now it is up to physical science to prove what everything else failed to???Nelson deceives .wishes to experience clinical death for one minute before being brought back to life by emergency measures, saying he wants to see if there is anything beyond death.

The movie then moves on to explain this statement as Nelson tries to convince Joe. Randy and Rachel, four of his classmates, to help him conduct a dangerous experimentAlthough nelsons class mates were apprehensive about the idea of dying and being brought back to life the prospect of fame fortune and understanding of life after death entices the classmates to undergo the experiment each trying to compete with each others time making the the experiment more of a competition.