Fitness Persuasive Essay

Fitness, it is something that everyone wants to work on but normally can never spend enough time on. Improving your fitness helps your body in every way. You will have better physical fitness, general health, and lastly and least known your mental health. All of these reasons shows that there really is no downside to improving your fitness. Even though that most people are lazy, fitness is good and should be worked on by everyone, because it helps your body in every way.

One of the good effects from fitness is the obvious, the physical side. With this there is really no downside. Better physical fitness will improve everything in your daily life. With better physical fitness you will get a better posture, better balance, and you are less injury prone. On the flip side, in having better physical fitness you get increased muscular strength and endurance. With improved physical fitness comes a ???better looking body???. Which normally for most people is a good thing, and the main reason they work on their fitness. Depending on the type of fitness you work on depends on the results you get. If you work more on the cardiovascular side you will see less effects on the physical side, and more on the mental/general health than you would if you were to work out. The best results for overall fitness is to balance it out. Working out (strength), cardiovascular, and the most forgotten flexibility. Splitting those within your week you will see great increases in your physical fitness. On top of that with a combination of all of those you will see tons of improvements on your daily life.

Another one of the effects from fitness is better general health. With good fitness, you will have better general health. An increase cardiovascular system is the most obvious advantage to good fitness. A good cardiovascular system will strengthen your heart, and lowers your heart rate. It also decrease chances of various heart diseases, and reduces your chance of strokes and lowers your blood pressure. Having better fitness levels also increases the strength of your immune system. Your fitness also helps control weight, for either gaining weight for people underweight, or more likely weight issue, losing weight by increasing your metabolism. With the boosted metabolism from working on your fitness you will see great improvements on your energy, and your bodies usage of energy. You also will be able to sleep much easier then before. I like to think that the general health is one that people tend to strive for when they work on their fitness, and because of that it is one of the most well know reasons to work on your fitness.

The last and most surprising effect from fitness to most people is the better mental health. From working out/on your fitness, your mental health will improve greatly. Working on your fitness you will see increases in your intellectual levels. Not only does having good fitness increase your thinking levels it also helps with many things like self-esteem, sleep, stress management and relieves depression. If you are very prone to migraines, or other stress related illnesses fitness is a great way to help heal and prevent them. You get a boost of self-esteem not only because you do look better, but because you feel better. Most of the time after working out you feel better about yourself, because you have actually accomplished something that you normally would have wasted watching TV or being on the computer. After a hard and stressful day at work/school, it works wonders for your mind if you go and spend some time working on your fitness. You will notice the difference in little to no time.

Everyone strives to have a better day to day life, and with that comes fitness. For fitness to actually improve your daily life you need to put lots of effort in, it will not come on its own. There is no reason not to work on your fitness, even with as little as two days a week you will have increases in every thing, from better physical fitness, to general health, to mental health. There is no shortages of reasons for you to not work on your fitness, but there is piles of reasons to.

-Payton Macdonald