Film Noir and Double Indemnity

An examination of the manner in which the movie, “Double Indemnity”, made in 1944, is a classic film noir.

This paper explains the movie genre of film noir that was popular in the post-WWII Hollywood. The paper defines this genre as a dark, suspenseful thriller with a plot line revolving around crime or mystery. It focuses on the 1944 movie, “Double Indemnity”, and explains how this is a perfect example of film noir.
“Certain German filmmakers are usually credited with pioneering a form of horror film with links to film noir, a prime example being Nosferatu (1922) in which oblique lighting and compositional tension rather than physical action was used to create a nightmare world of violence. Some years later, these same cinematic and literary techniques were inserted into the Hollywood gangster tradition by certain German directors and cinematographers who fled to the United States in order to avoid persecution and confinement by the Third Reich, circa 1938-1943.”