Fez, Morocco: City of Paradise

A history and analysis of the city of Fez, Morocco.

A thorough history of the city of Fez, Morocco. The author examines the religions present in the city, and their influences upon each other as well the architectural designs of the city. Includes a timeline of the major events of the city.
“The city of Fez is located in north-central Morocco, east of the capital city, Rabat. It is roughly 150 miles south of the Mediterranean and 150 miles inland from the Atlantic coast. Sited in a valley of the Middle Atlas Mountains and fed by the Wadi Fez River, the city has an excellent environment to prosper in. The lack of adverse natural conditions has caused the city to become a cultural, religious and commercial center in Morocco. Its location at the intersection of several important trade routes has kept the city one of the most technologically advanced in Africa. What has kept this city in such high regard by the millions of Muslims who visit it every year and the 570000 people who reside there? (www.i-cias.com) The answer lies in the rich history of Fez. “