Feminism and Religion

An examination of the effect of religious edicts on the progress of feminism.

This paper explores how although religion has many philosophical ends, since the last few centuries, it has been used as a restrictive force that has put many people to disadvantage. It looks at how the primary sufferers in a male dominated society were the women who were exploited, tormented and subjugated to inhuman conditions the world over. It shows how hey have been able to fight back against the system, how they have been asserting their independence since the last few decades and how they have shown that they can actively contribute to the society.

Background of the Problem
Feminism and the Fight For Assertiveness
The Role of Women in Christian Societies
The Role of Women in Moslem Societies
The Role of Women in Other Religions
“Feminism actually fights for the rights of women in the society and seeks to provide equal, if not more than equal, predominance to women in the society. However, it is sad that almost all feminists have equated religion with repression. While it is true that almost all religions can be accused of adopting double standards against women, the fact that seems to be ignored is that the subjugation of women were not sanctioned by any religion. It was merely the social order of a time that cultivated the feeling that religion advocated the subjugation and repression of women. However, women all over the world see traditionalist and religious leaders in the same perspective and actually believe that religion advocates the repression of women.”