Family Violence

The paper focuses on providing information on many aspects of family violence.

This paper reveals what type of involvement could effectively be used with these families along with different agencies that could provide services to assist them. Statistics of Canada and United States of America are also provided to reveal the degree of parent assault and sibling assault, for better understanding of such incidences as well as explore the causes and correlates of such behavior in families. In conclusion, general recommendations are given as to what appropriate types of intervention assistance can be offered which at the same time are supplemented with theories given in the paper and to what kinds of intervention programs would be most effective, particularly to treat adolescents who assault their parents.
“The legal definition of family violence, under the Women’s Charter, is the charge of any of these acts as given below: To restrain or confine a family member against his will in a wrong manner; or Attempt continual harassment with an intention to either cause or know that it is expected to end in torment to a family member. Cause hurt to a family member by any such act which is either known or ought to have been known would end in hurt; Fear of hurt deliberately or knowingly incorporating, or making an attempt to place in family member.”