Family-Centered Practices in Emergency Department

This paper explores the practice of family-centered care, using an article from RN Magazine as a reference.

This paper sheds light on the importance of family-centered care and explains how it can help in creating a better Emergency Department. The care being referred to here is support by medical staff, given to families of patients in the emergency department. This kind of support, if given personally and with consideration, can minimize the pain and confusion associated with this experience. The paper analyzes an article that appeared in RN magazine and assesses the validity of certain steps mentioned by the author, on how to provide effective support for these families.
“Emergencies can occur anytime and they are usually referred to the Emergency departments of hospitals because of the gravity of the situation. While most Emergency departments are well equipped with necessary medical equipment and staff, what they may sometimes lack is a set of family-centered practices. An article that appeared in RN magazine’s April 2002 issue emphasized the need for more family-centered care in ED, because it was found that hospitals can make their emergency unit stand apart from the rest with such positive approaches.”