Fallingwater: Its Past and Future

This is an analysis of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater.

This report provides the reader with a chronology of the construction of Frank Lloyd Wright’s; famous house, “Fallingwater”.The author gives a brief overview of the history of the house, as well as Wright himself and describes the uniqueness of the house as a prime example of organic architecture.

Table of Contents

What is Fallingwater?

a. Located in Ohio Pyle, PA

b. Built as a summer home

c. Designed by Frank Lloyd Wright

II. Frank Lloyd Wright

a. Three periods of work- pre WWI, early 1930?s, late 1930?s

b. Invented the Usonian house and Prairie house

c. Died 1959, had designed over 800 buildings

III. What makes Fallingwater unique?

a. Cantilevered terraces

b. Organic Architecture

Fallingwater’s future

In the 1930’s Edgar Kaufman, a department store owner, commissioned architect Frank Lloyd Wright to build a summer house for Kaufman’s family on a plot of land in Ohio Pyle, Pa. The land is set in the woods, with a small river running through it, and plenty of rocky ledges, several of which create waterfalls. The Kaufman’s had imagined a house set downstream from the waterfalls, at a point where the falls could be viewed from below. However, their architect was a man of great creativity and genius, and it was his idea to build the house directly above the falls, so that it actually overhung them.